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 General Information :

This International peer-reveiwed journal will publish paper of high quality, original theoretical, experimental a nd technical contributions which may be in the form of review articles, full length research papers, short communications, hypothesis, news, views and book reviews.

 Manuscript preparation :

Manuscript should be type set in double space on A4 size paper leaving wide margins on both sides. The manuscript is to be organised as : Title,Name(s) of Author and address(s), Phone etc, Abstract,Key words, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, Acknowledgement and References.

The illustrations and graph should be made in black ink. Photograpg(Black and White only) should be good, sufficiently enlarge on glossy paper.

Tables should be typed on separate pages and numbered.

References should be arranged alphabetically and set out as follows:

Agrawal, M. and S.B.Agrawal (1989) Phytomonitoring of air pollution around a thermal power plant. Atoms. Environ 23: 763- 769.

Black, V.J(1982)Effects of Sulphurdioxide on physiological processes in the plant. In : Effects of Gaseous pollutants in Agririculture and Horticulture,M.H.Unsworth an D.P.Ormrod(eds), Butterworths, London,67-71. 

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